Thursday, September 8, 2016

Too Tight to Review 4: Emporio Armani Magnum Cotton Stretch Trunk

The “Too Tight To Review” series covers the pairs of underwear I’ve tried on that I couldn’t wear long enough to give a fair review. If I can’t keep a pair on for at least the length of the day, I’ll leave a few brief thoughts rather than a full review.

Like the Supanova Hip Brief, this item has something that could be considered a contour pouch, so I decided to order it to see if it would fit comfortably. The first thing I noticed after opening the packaging was the long tag in the back, which is never a good design choice. Putting the trunks up over my hips was strange and uncomfortable due to a web of stitching across the back that limits the flexibility of the item. The pouch itself wasn’t flexible, and I felt some pain within seconds of adjusting the trunks into their resting position. Clearly, this is not a pair for me. However, unlike some pairs of underwear that don’t allocate enough room in the crotch for my comfort, I couldn’t imagine this one fitting anyone comfortably. It comes off as merely a poorly-designed cash-grab from a high-end fashion company. I can’t think of a single good thing to write about this item. If I gave numeric scores for my “Too Tight To Review” series, this would get the lowest score possible.

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