Saturday, September 24, 2016

BOSS HUGO BOSS Cotton Modal Mini Brief

Hugo Boss is a German fashion company. While they’re famous for their suits and business attire, they also make a wide variety of other clothing items. The item for this review employs some features found on high-end underwear, such as a contour pouch and modal fabric blend (47%, in addition to 48% cotton and 5% elastane). My impression on the results is below. 

Materials and construction: The material is listed as being 48% cotton, 47% modal, and 5% elastane (spandex), which is an interesting compromise between two of the most common materials in men’s underwear. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package is that there are a lot of loose threads, which isn’t something I often see in a pair before the first time I wash it. The elastic in the waistband is needlessly tight. The design is anatomically correct, although I didn’t ultimately find the pouch well designed. The tag in the back is large and can be a nuisance. 2/10
Comfort and usability: The first thing that stuck out to me is how unaccommodating the waistband is. The size of the pair doesn’t run small overall, but the elastic feels needlessly tight on my waist, which is an issue I’ve never before experienced in my underwear. I find it doubtful that underwear with such a feature is capable of lasting long, especially when the stitching is in poor shape right out of the package. The pouch is made with some height and space to the front, but insufficient depth, so it always makes my testicles ache after a few hours. 1/10

Aesthetics: There’s not much that can be said to be obscene about the design of these briefs, but nothing appealing, either. The dark purple color looks rather dull, and the tiny BOSS label on one side of the pouch is a curious, ugly, and pointless feature. 3/10

Overall rating: 2/10

Big enough? No.

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