Sunday, September 11, 2016

Double Review: 2(x)ist Electric Jock Strap, 2(x)ist Stretch Jock Strap

 I’ve tried a number of 2(x)ist products, and they seem to be all over the place with regards to both sizing and quality. Seeing some reviews on their jock straps, I saw a lot of complaints that the pouch was too large, so I decided to give two of their products a try. I’ve yet to find a single jock strap that I’m completely satisfied with, and the two items in this review certainly are imperfect, but they do offer more space in the pouch than any of the other jock strap I’ve tried at this point. 

Materials and construction: The Electric Jock Strap is 89% nylon and 11% spandex, and the Stretch Jock Strap is 92% cotton and 8% spandex. Right out of the box, there were issues. The Electric Jock Strap had more loose threads than any other clothing product I’ve ever purchased; so many, in fact, that I had the suspicion that the product was already used for display purposes. (This suspicion disappeared when the Stretch Jock Strap arrived in a similar, but less severe, condition.) The Electric Jock Strap has a slick and smooth appearance, with a slight shine to the surface, and what appears to be a single rubber logo on top of the left side of the waistband. The Stretch Jock Strap has a subtler look, with the branding stitched into the waistband. The pouches of both are a rather large, flat surface. The leg straps are thick in the Electric Jock Strap and thin in the Stretch Jock Strap. After being put in the washing machine only two times, both times using a gentle cycle before being air-dried, the Stretch Jock Strap showed serious decomposition in the waistband. I’ve never before seen such rapid damage to a piece of clothing, which is a testament to how poor the quality of this item really is. In the end, the large pouch is the only functional feature of these items that deserves to be commended. 2/10

Comfort and usability: While large, the pouches of these items are not very contoured. This means that, despite the rather snug waistband and leg straps, they shift around quite a bit. My frequent experience in wearing them is to put them on, feel comfortable for a while, and then feel pain after their position has shifted only minutes later. It doesn’t even take vigorous movement for this to happen, and I’ve found just walking around the kitchen will cause these uncomfortable shifts. This shifting is exactly what athletic gear should not do. The rubbery, sticky surface on the Electric Jock Strap’s logo also makes gives it undesirable traction under gym shorts. The leg straps on the Electric Jock Strap have a smooth, silky and comfortable feeling to them. 2/10

Aesthetics: This seems to be the one factor in which 2(x)ist is consistent. The Electric Jock strap, with its stark black appearance and crisp white logo, looks good. The Stretch Jock Straps look neither good nor bad. 6/10

Overall rating: 3/10

Big enough? Yes, the pouch is big enough, but the items don’t provide enough overall comfort.

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