Friday, March 24, 2017

Sukrew Full Brief

Sukrew is a British underwear company founded in 2013. Their offerings are divided into “Full Styles” and “U Styles,” and the big pouches in the former made me curious to test them out. Sukrew obviously puts a lot of effort into engineering unique, high-quality items. While I think there were some fit issues with the Full Brief, I still was impressed by what it had to offer, and suspect that the longer varieties of Sukrew’s items (the Full Trunk and Full Sprint) might be even better.

Materials and construction: The Full Brief I tried is listed as 80% polyamide and 20% elastane (spandex). This fabric blend dries fast and is stretchier than the typical blend of cotton and spandex. The cut is a fairly sleek one, but not quite shaped ideally for staying in place (more on that below). The pouch is one of the biggest pouches on the market, but positioned more downward and less to the front than a comparably sized pouch, such as the Obviously AnatoMAX. Overall quality is good: After numerous washings, I’ve seen no signs of deterioration. 8/10

Comfort and usability: My biggest complaint about the Full Brief is that its proportions aren’t quite right: If you pull the waistband up to where it should be, the material in the back will ride up, since the material in the back isn’t tall enough. The large pouch is quite comfortable. It’s positioned further down than most pouches. I found it to be perhaps the most comfortable pouch I’ve worn while sitting down, and the most comfortable pouch for my testicles overall. The downward position of the pouch will make this less conspicuous under pants than other large pouches, but might make exercises like sprinting less practical due to the pouch’s proximity to the thighs (depending on personal body shape, of course). The waistband is comfortable and firm. 6/10

Aesthetics: Above the pouch, there’s a white stripe that reaches up to the waistband, which creates the visual impression of increasing the pouch’s height. It’s just one of a few unique touches that makes the Sukrew Full Brief look great. 8/10

Overall rating: 7/10

Big enough? Yes, this is one of the biggest pouches available.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Too Tight to Review 8: Jack Adams Relay Brief

The “Too Tight To Review” series covers the pairs of underwear I’ve tried on that I couldn’t wear long enough to give a fair review. If I can’t keep a pair on for at least the length of the day, I’ll leave a few brief thoughts rather than a full review.

Jack Adams is an underwear company that I have heard mentioned a few times in terms of comfortable underwear, so I decided to give them a try. The first thing I noticed is how small the overall garment is; even though I followed the size chart on their website and ordered a size up from what I usually get, it still felt extremely small, the backside was too short (a complaint I rarely have), and what little extra fabric it had where a pouch should have been would be far better as an actual pouch. I had to take it off after a few hours. The Jack Adams Relay Brief is not an outrageously bad item, but I certainly can’t recommend it as a comfortable one.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Obviously AnatoMAX Boxer Brief with 3-inch leg

Obviously is an Australian underwear company that makes high quality underwear and undershirts for men. I’ve reviewed a number of their products before, and I am usually quite impressed with their offerings. The design of the AnatoMAX Boxer Brief with 3-inch leg, taking a place between the Hipster Trunk and the Boxer Brief with 9-inch leg, is a good way to wear one of the largest pouches on the market for those who don't like briefs.
Materials and construction: The Obviously AnatoMAX Boxer Brief with 3-inch leg is made out of a micro modal/lycra fabric blend. This fabric blend is soft and flexible, but dries quite slowly. The pouch, while significantly larger than the AnatoFREE varieties, still has the same horseshoe-shaped pouch design seen on the other Obviously Boxer Briefs and Trunks. This means the pouch is deeper but more constrained horizontally when compared to Obviously briefs. The design is high quality, as is usually the case with Obviously products. I have washed these numerous times with no obvious signs of deterioration. The design is tagless, with the relevant information printed inside the waistband. 8/10

Comfort and usability: The AnatoMAX Boxer Brief with 3-inch leg is among the most comfortable pairs of underwear I’ve worn. The legs stay in place much better than in the trunks that Obviously offers, although they do ride up. The pouch is imperfectly shaped, and slightly less comfortable than the more flexible pouch in the AnatoMAX Brief. This rigidity, however, makes it more appropriate for light exercise, although I wouldn’t recommend doing anything intense. The fabric on the AnatoMAX items absorbs odors a little less than on Obviously’s Core items. The AnatoMAX Boxer Briefs stay in place with a tucked-in shirt a little better than the AnatoMAX Brief. 8/10 

Aesthetics: No complaints here. I think the waistband’s logo looks sharp, and the overall look nails the sharp-but-simple aesthetic that Obviously does well. (It does look better in the flesh than these photos indicate.) 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10

Big enough? Yes. This is one of the biggest pouches available.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Too Tight to Review 7: C-IN2 Super Bright Army Trunk

The “Too Tight To Review” series covers the pairs of underwear I’ve tried on that I couldn’t wear long enough to give a fair review. If I can’t keep a pair on for at least the length of the day, I’ll leave a few brief thoughts rather than a full review.

C-IN2 is “an American apparel company first made famous for it's line of stylish men'sunderwear.They seem to get mentioned frequently when comfortable underwear is discussed, so I decided to give the “Super Bright Army Trunk” a chance. This item does have merits: It seems well constructed, it dries fast, and it breathes well, which makes the fabric appropriate for exercise. The tag is stitched on in a way that makes it remain legible while not becoming uncomfortable. It’s just not big enough, though. The amount of space that the item allots for the genitals is inadequate, and the fabric (96% polyester, 4% spandex) isn’t stretchy enough to compensate.

Friday, February 10, 2017

2undr Swingshift Boxers

2undr is a Canadian underwear company that aims to “create a high-performance men’s athletic underwear.” Like companies such as Saxx and MyPakage, they use an internal pouch. While the Swingshift Boxers are an admirable attempt in certain ways, the final product is a deeply flawed one. For anyone thinking about purchasing these boxers, I’d recommend the far superior Saxx items. 

Materials and Construction: The fabric is a modal blend. It has all the stretchiness and comfort one would expect from modal, but the thinness of the fabric gives it the extra advantage of drying a little faster and having a cooler feel. The internal pouch is a sort of horseshoe-shaped sheet of fabric within the crotch (see the photograph above), and you put your package in front of it. It’s not a very stable or natural fit, which I discuss in the next paragraph. The length is good (this is the 6” variety), a nice midpoint between the shorter and longer varieties of boxer briefs (and 2undr has short and long variations of the Swingshift Boxers). The fly is big enough to be usable. As far as quality goes, one thing I did notice is that the stitching on the outside is visibly uneven, which is not something I’d expect to see on a high-end pair of underwear. This item has, however, held up fairly well after getting washed numerous times. 5/10

Comfort and usability: Putting the Swingshift Boxers on requires much more adjustment than one could expect from most underwear. Since there isn’t much depth to the pouch, it doesn’t hold you in place very well, and the somewhat loose fit exacerbates this problem. Sitting down and standing up pulls you out of place much more than standing and walking. 2undr seems to market their products heavily to golfers, and the combination of breathability and reasonable stability during very light exercise probably makes it a decent item for that, but I cannot say that this is a good item for general use. 3/10

Aesthetics: In terms of appearance, there’s nothing particularly offensive or good about this pair of underwear, although the silhouette is a bit shapeless. 4/10  

Overall rating: 4/10

Big enough? It is big enough, but it’s not a particularly good item.