Wednesday, May 4, 2016


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  • Anatomically correct--when a pair of men's underwear allots extra space for a man's genitals. Anatomically correct underwear is both healthier and more comfortable than underwear that is not. 
  • Fly--an opening on the man's underwear so that the man can urinate without pulling his underwear down. These are most common on cheaper, lower-quality underwear. 
  • Leg holes--the lowest point at which the underwear meets the legs. In boxer briefs and trunks, well-designed leg holes with elastic material help prevent the garment from riding up. 
  • Pouch--a designated space in a pair of underwear for the man's genitals to occupy. The most common form is the external pouch, where the space that's given lets the genitals hang away from the body. A less common form of pouch is the internal pouch, where pieces of fabric within the underwear hold the genitals in place. Examples of companies that use the internal pouch include Saxx, MyPakage, and 2UNDR
  • Quality--quality is always a very subjective term. I define high quality as an item that is made well, has minimal imperfections both in the appearance and the functionality, uses appropriate fabrics for the item's intended use, and can be worn and washed numerous times without visual or functional degradation. 
  • Ride up/slide up--usually used when discussing boxer briefs or trunks, this is when the underwear slides up the leg and doesn't stay in place during normal activity. While most boxer briefs and trunks do this to some degree, too much of this effect makes the underwear less comfortable to wear. 
  • Seam--in making the underwear, the seam is where the two pieces of fabric are sewn together. Items with high-quality seems usually last longer. Whether seams could be stretched could also have an effect on the overall comfort of the item. 
  • Waistband--the strip of elastic material that is usually found on the top of the underwear and usually displays the brand's logo. The quality, design and width of the waistband help keep the underwear in place throughout the day.

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