Sunday, May 1, 2016

Review: Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Apex Brief

Although a little subdued in color, this brief is quintessentially Andrew Christian. The body of the garment is black with white accents, while light blue, purple and a thin strip of red adorn the waistband. Functionally, the only thing that significantly differentiates this model from other Andrew Christian Trophy Boy briefs is the support of the pouch, which is bordered by two lines of stitching that stretch diagonally around the top and sides. That being said, I believe all alterations to the existing Trophy Boy lines should observe the “less is more” principle, as the collection is already so comfortable. 

Materials and construction: AC’s website lists the item as “93% Rayon Made From Bamboo, 7% Spandex,” which is a mix frequently seen on AC garments, and for good reason: It’s soft, comfortable, and gains a lot of durability from it’s flexibility. I’d prefer a tagless design, but I can’t complain about AC’s good quality. 7/10

Comfort and usability: Andrew Christian’s Trophy Boy line generally has the best pouches I’ve encountered. Compared to the other briefs in the Trophy Boy collection, the close stitching that surrounds the pouch actually holds the pouch closer to the body, providing greater support but slightly reducing the effective overall size (as well as the visual impression of size). For this reason, I think these briefs are better for athletic activity but worse for leisure. On the backside, the material lies very flat against my body and does not slide around. The briefs are made for men with small frames, and men with larger hips or glutes should keep that in mind when thinking about a purchase. 6/10

Aesthetics: This is really where the brief shines compared to other items in the AC line. The pseudo-diamond shape that surrounds the pouch adds a cool geometric silhouette. Instead of implementing the usual neon colors, the black and white works well to accentuate the waistband. A combination of the nice stitching of the TROPHY BOY letters and the subtle red strip on the waistband not only make the colors look crisp and distinct, but also add a luxurious overall impression. The only suggestion I would have made to the design team is to suggest a wider waistband. 8/10

Overall rating: 7/10

Big enough? Yes, although the other Trophy Boy products are better in this respect


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