Monday, May 23, 2016

PUMP! Sonic Brief

PUMP! Underwear is a Canadian company that produces workout-themed attire, primarily underwear. The item in this review is the Sonic Brief, a black brief with neon accents on the waistband and pouch. It’s constructed from 67% nylon, 19% cotton and 14% spandex, and the mesh body and tight (but flexible) elastic bands around the leg holes express its function as workout gear. Though I didn’t ultimately find this garment comfortable on my body, it did impress me enough that I’d be enthusiastic to try a new design with a bigger pouch if such an item is ever released. The size runs rather small, so potential customers should consider going up a size. 

Materials and construction: The nylon/cotton/spandex blend feels great on the skin. The mesh body is especially flexible, and it would have been a mild improvement if the pouch used this same mesh material.  Everything on the item is pliable without losing shape or support, which is an excellent asset on an item made for athletics. The construction quality is the best I’ve seen in a pair of underwear, although this design does not give much extra material in the pouch at all. There’s a tiny tag of one square inch, and most of the printed information is on the inside of the waistband.  9/10

Comfort and usability: This garment does its job as a workout item: Jogging, squatting and jumping, this kept everything in place and did not shift position. The mesh material helps keep me cool during exercise. One additional benefit I’ve found is that this garment does air dry faster than most of the underwear I own. Since the brief does not have much extra material in the pouch, it is rather unforgiving to my anatomy. No matter how I rearrange my package, I can’t get through a day without my testicles in pain and my penis feeling squeezed. 6/10

Aesthetics: The brief is black with neon blue and neon green accents. Like most aspects of the garment, everything is top notch. The integration of the varied materials (the mesh body, the waistband, the material around the crotch, and the elastic support on the leg holes) looks sleek and excellent. The photos don’t do justice to the item. I have no complaints here. 10/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Big enough? No, but I was impressed with the quality and style enough to order a PUMP! boxer and jockstrap to try. Stay tuned for future reviews.

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