Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jor Speed Cotton Retro Brief

The Jor Speed Cotton Retro Brief is an attractive and straightforward brief constructed mostly out of cotton. The silhouette is sleek but classic. There are three variations with different colors, and the one I picked up is blue with white accents and a pink waistband. Jor is a Columbian company, and this is my first experience with their products. 

Materials and construction: The materials are listed as 94% cotton and 6% spandex. The pouch stretches out adequately. It’s not an instant and deep stretch like modal fabrics, but a steady accommodation that sets in in the first few hours of wearing and is retained if you briefly pull the briefs down for a visit to the urinal. There are some visibly loose threads, but nothing that would make me worry about the garment’s durability. The brand’s stitching looks cool while in use, but a little cheap and misshapen on the inside. The waistband is both rigid and unevenly constructed: The topside of it is a bit bumpy. The tag on the back, which lists the materials and cleaning instructions, will become too faded to read within just a few washing cycles. 3/10

Comfort and usability: If the pouch is big enough, I prefer cotton over modal for casualwear. This pouch was just barely big enough for me to comfortably fit in, so it was a different but not entirely unpleasant experience. The stitching is inflexible, and the line of stitching that stretches down the center of the pouch caused a small amount of irritation to my glans after spending the day in. Although the briefs did lay flat against me on the backside while I stood (or sat) still, the inflexibility did lead to some awkward shifting throughout the day. This seems to be because the stitching isn’t flexible enough to fully accommodate the range of motion I went through spending a day on the town. This is disappointing, because the cool aesthetics really made me want to like these briefs. 4/10

Aesthetics: I think the combination of neon colors and the brief’s streamlined but classic silhouette work well. The pink of the waistband is more of a bubblegum pink than the pictures depict, and I find the slightly more subdued images preferable. From the front, the pouch, the moderate horizontal strips that surround the hips, and the bold colors just look cool and original. Framed in the white accents, the pouch just really jumps out at you. 8/10

Overall rating: 5/10

Big enough? Yes, although the overall comfort isn’t great.

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