Monday, May 2, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

The information on this page may be subject to future updates and alterations.

What is the point of this site? 

As a consumer who has tried many different types of underwear to find anatomically compatible items, this site chronicles some of my experiences and offers advice to other men who have experienced similar issues.

What kind of underwear are you interested in reviewing?

I'm interested in reviewing briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, jockstraps, and long underwear/thermal layers. I'm not interested in fetish styles or any underwear that will not fit comfortably under regular clothing. My main interest in the underwear I review is in comfort and functionality.

Will you review a specific brand/style for me?

I will read and consider reader requests but do not extend any promise to act on them. Underwear brands that wish to have their products reviewed can contact me privately.

How often do you release new reviews? How can I learn about new posts?

Currently, I'm releasing between two and five new reviews per month, but plan to eventually increase my monthly output to around four to six. Other than visiting this site, those who are interested could look for updates on my Twitter feed at

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  1. Great site! Just what I have been looking for, with more and more stuff being made in "china" and similar places, far too often the underwear has no room for anything bigger than your thumb! Even items that are supposed to be a jock with a pouch end up being little more than a poufy flat pair of "panties" rather than a pair of underwear made for a man! Several years ago I was given a target gift card and ended up buying some "Merono" trunk briefs to use up the balance of the card. The perfect pouch! Very soft and roomy but perfect fit to hold things in, the only ones I ever wore that didn't bind in some way. I ended up taking all three pair (all grey) and cutting the seat out of them and turning them into jocks! I wore those awesome undershorts for years. And yes, tried to repeat the process, but the style and fabric had changed, too much nylon/tricot and not enough obnoxiously bulgy soft cotton, really need like a soft comfortable bra cup pouch to be comfortable. Did have some jock straps in the past that were good once they got stretched out really good till they were form-fitting, but now most are way too constricting elastic type fabric, made with little detail to the shape of the pouch like their expecting the stretch to take care of everything. Was told by one sales guy that "no one wears those old things anymore, you need to go with these compression shorts!" and I replied "No thanks, I don't need "spanks" yet, and I like keeping my junk up and out leading the way, not smushed and crushed into wherever it can go!" and he's like "their made for support" and I'm like "their made for one size fits all and they don't, those things fit me like something made for a hernia, just like condoms used to be made, what does it take for someone to eventually realize they need to be sized just like braziers, with different cup sizes and waist sizes!" and the guy looks at me and says "yeah right, like that's a real issue" and I said "it is if you wear a size 31/34 jeans and buy underwear that don't fall off! Just take some out and look, the "front" part is sized down just like the waist size, and one has nothing to do with the other! Try on a pair of boys briefs or jock and you will know how the "issue" feels!" Anyway, look forward to reading your reviews and finding some "man made" sized undies, no more of those "lady-boy" sized shorts from china, I guess they have no clue as to what will actually be going in the shorts their making!