Friday, June 9, 2017

MeUndies Boxer Brief

MeUndies is an underwear company from Los Angeles that has gained a reputation for making comfortable underwear for both sexes. The company’s items for men are the standard options (boxer brief, trunk, boxer, brief) and a few miscellaneous items, such as t-shirts and leisurewear. All of these items are offered in fairly conventional designs, so does MeUndies live up to its reputation?

Materials and construction: The MeUndies BoxerBrief is offered in 92% modal fabric blended with 8% spandex, which is a blend that is common in high-end men’s underwear. Besides the sizing (very small unless you go a size larger than usual), the shape is fairly conventional, with some semblance of a pouch in the form of some extra fabric in the crotch. The stretchiness of modal fabric helps with the fit, although I’d prefer a more substantial pouch. Overall quality seems quite good, with just a small tag stitched onto the inside of the waistband, which provides no discomfort. Overall, the item is a little longer than most boxer briefs, which means that it resists riding up a little more than most, but the only boxer briefs I’ve tried which don’t ride up any significant amount are long enough to come close to the knee. The item has held up well after numerous washings, with no noticeable deterioration to the stitching or fit. 6/10

Comfort and usability: The MeUndies Boxer Brief neither fits particularly tightly around the legs nor is baggy. While I ultimately did not find this comfortable to wear, I can understand why people who do not have comfort issues in normal underwear enjoy MeUndies as leisurewear. People looking for something to wear during vigorous exercise should look elsewhere (and keep in mind, modal dries slower than most other materials). The material is a little thicker and softer than the other modal garments I’ve tried, and is warmer, too. There aren’t any exceptional features, but this is a little more comfortable than the average pair of underwear. 5/10

Aesthetics: The green color matches the purple inside of the waistband, which makes me wonder why they didn’t make the entire waistband purple. Nothing is either offensive or compelling about the way this looks, with MeUndies preferring a practical, rather than stylish, approach. 5/10

Overall rating: 5/10

Big enough? No.