Friday, January 27, 2017

Obviously Downtown AnatoMAX Brief

Obviously is an Australian clothing company that makes high-quality underwear and undershirts for men. I’ve reviewed them a few times before, and am consistently impressed with their quality. Their AnatoMAX line offers some of the biggest pouches on the market (“Downtown” is just the colored versions), and the AnatoMAX Brief is a higher-quality, bigger-pouched item similar to the first Obviously item I reviewed, the AnatoFREE Brief. The AnatoMAX boxers will be reviewed in future posts. 

Materials and construction: The Obviously Downtown AnatoMAX Brief is made out of a micro modal/lycra fabric blend. The pouch is similar to that of the AnatoFREE Brief, but bigger: Instead of just extending out towards the front, it extends to the front and down (see the photo). As a result, it gives you less support and more flexibility, allowing you to hang comfortably. The fit on the entire garment is more relaxed than most briefs, while still being form fitting. The item holds up well after getting washed numerous times, and the minor deterioration I’ve started to see in the waistband of the AnatoFREE Brief hasn’t shown up. I expect this to last a long time. Overall, if you’re looking for underwear with big pouches, the AnatoMAX line should certainly be on your radar. 9/10

Comfort and usability: The comfort of the AnatoMAX pouch in this brief is among the best I’ve encountered: Very comfortable and flexible, and the fabric feels very soft against the skin, especially after a few washings. The main issue I had with the AnatoFREE Brief was that it started to ride up in the back when I was wearing it with a tucked-in shirt and a belt. This is also true for this item. I usually wear suspenders with my suits, and there is no riding up with this arrangement, or if I wear a pear of pants with an untucked shirt. The relative lack of support does not make this a great item for vigorous exercise, and there is more vertical flexibility than the AnatoMAX’s biggest competitor, the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Brief, which tends to hold your package straight down. Another thing to keep in mind is that this item will not hide your bulge at all. Overall, I think this item is best suited as leisurewear, and it’s very comfortable for that. 8/10  

Aesthetics: Obviously doesn’t do much flamboyant or flashy, instead sticking with a more conservative aesthetic. The Downtown colors are about as flashy as this company gets, and it’s a welcome change. The blue color looks great in person, and the two varieties of blue on the waistband’s logo has a high-quality, textured look to it. 7/10  

Overall rating: 8/10

Big enough? Yes. 


  1. I have worn these for 6 months now and I have to say they are the most comfortable cut of mens underwear ever made. The wife saw them online and ordered several pair of the string bikini.She obviously was an expert on sizing me with an 8×5 flaccid and egg size balls they fit perfectly. Now they do get a little snug when she rubs me in the super soft material but it doesn't stay in the pouch long after that lol. All I can say is all large guys need to try a pair of these because you and your lady will love them.

    1. They're definitely among the most comfortable.

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