Friday, January 13, 2017

Saxx Ultra Long John Fly Bottom

Saxx is a Canadian menswear company that specializes in underwear and stresses innovation and comfort. Like the other varieties of underwear they offer, the Ultra Long John Fly Bottom uses the same internal pouch. This is the first anatomically correct pair of long underwear I’ve tried, and the overall design seems unique on the market. While it won’t replace my warmest thermal layers, the experience I get wearing it is a good one. 

Materials and construction: The Ultra Long John Fly Bottom is made of 95% viscose and 5% spandex. Especially compared to most long underwear, this material is thin and form fitting. It’s a little more forgiving around the hips and tight around the legs, which is a good balance for comfort and warmth, although it can shift a little when sitting down or standing up. The waistband is stable without feeling constricting. The internal pouch, which you could see in the inside-out photograph of the item, makes sure you stay dry even when you’re inside with air conditioning or near the warmth of the fireplace. 7/10 

Comfort and usability: The viscose blend is a lot stretchier than the cotton blend I experienced in my first pair of Saxx underwear. It’s less warm than long underwear made from polyester or wool, so I see this item as being more practical for mildly cold weather or days when I’m only planning on being outside only for short periods. Also, since the material is so thin, pants that are more permeable to cold can be felt through the fabric. For instance, I had better experiences with the wool suit pants and worse experiences with jeans. I enjoyed having only a single layer under my pants, and not having the issues with multiple layers bunching up under my pants. Overall, this is the most comfortable pair of long underwear I’ve worn, but not the warmest. 7/10 

Aesthetics: It looks like a Christmas sweater, which is appropriate for the season. The pattern looks sharp and detailed. 7/10

Overall rating: 7/10

Big enough? Yes, these are the most comfortable pair of long underwear I’ve tried so far.


  1. can you provide direct link to this pair from their website? not exactly which one this is of all the diff styles they offer on their website