Saturday, October 8, 2016

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Brief

Andrew Christian is an underwear company whose Trophy Boy line has excellent, large pouches. Their frequent changes in inventory make it confusing to simply refer to the name of an item, and the item in this review seems to be going on sale to be discontinued already. (Since I like to keep and wear my underwear a while before posting a review, I can rarely keep up with Andrew Christian’s current lineup.) Nonetheless, it represents a number of improvements over some past Trophy Boy offerings from the company, and I thought they were worth mentioning in a review. 

Materials and construction: The item is 97% rayon and 3% spandex, which is a standard blend for Andrew Christian. It’s constructed in much the same way as many AC Trophy Boy briefs are, with the exception of two changes. First, this has been designed without the tag in the back that older AC items used to have. This is always a good thing. The other change is in the waistband. Some of the older waistbands from the brand (especially those with a shiny/glittery appearance) fell apart quite quickly after being washed a few times. This item held is holding up rather well, although the thin material should be handled with some care. 8/10 

Comfort and usability: The Trophy Boy underwear line is definitely among the most comfortable varieties of underwear on the market today. The pouch is both large and stretchy, and will accommodate however much space you need. While it doesn’t feel restrictive at all, it is still supportive, and will keep you consistently in the same position as you sit, stand, walk, and even jump. Since the pouch lets your package hang close to your thighs, this is probably not a good item for running, and seems to be more geared towards leisure than athletics. The thin material breathes well, which makes it ideally suited for warmer weather. Also, keep in mind that this underwear will not hide your bulge under your pants. 7/10 

Aesthetics: If you’ve read many of my posts, you might realize that the waistband is the same as the first item I reviewed. It looks good, and matches with the blue body and black elastic around the leg holes.  8/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Big enough? Yes.


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  2. Personally while I had no problem with the pouch fitting me with a ~5" flaccid, the leg holes on these were too tight and chafed my inner thigh quite a lot. There's more to fit than the crotch. Red bumps on my inner thigh made me stop using them, also I just don't dig the Andrew Christian aesthetic.

    Definitely buy the briefs over the boxer briefs though, the briefs might look a bit more exotic, but the boxer briefs do not give you a very flattering outline.

    1. Yes, something I should have mentioned is that Andrew Christian underwear is cut for men with smaller legs. Guys with thicker legs would probably not find them comfortable. When people ask about the old Obviously vs. Andrew Christian question, I tell them that they're really cut for different frames.