Saturday, October 1, 2016

Diesel Jack Striped Brief

Diesel is an Italian fashion company best known for their denim. Their men’s underwear is of a higher caliber than most underwear offered by general fashion companies. I’ve tried three pairs of Diesel underwear, and the fit between these three seems to be all over the place. The Jack Striped Brief is the first brief I’ve tried from the company, and offers a very different fit from the Kory Boxer Briefs

Materials and construction: The material is listed as 95% cotton and 5% elastane (spandex). It’s a rather boxy shape, and unlike the boxer briefs I originally reviewed, cut quite close to the body. The design is anatomically correct, although it doesn’t offer a particularly big pouch. (The pouch’s overall fit is similar to a smaller version of the Jor Speed Cotton Retro Brief.) The cotton/spandex blend is fairly stretchy all around, but the material has two layers around the pouch. The waistband is taut and the leg holes are reasonably stable. There’s a very long tag in the back, which is always a minus. The stitching seems good. 6/10

Comfort and usability: It took me a while to decide whether I should deem this item as “Big enough” or not. Sometimes, during days in which I spent most of my time sitting, it seemed tolerably comfortable. Other times, I would spend long periods walking and find it quite uncomfortable. I usually air-dry all of my underwear, but after accidentally putting this into the dryer once, it shrank substantially. I no longer find it tolerable to wear. In terms of other qualities, by keeping everything close to the hips, this pair will prevent an obvious visual bulge in your pants, and the material breathes pretty well. 5/10
Aesthetics: This is aesthetically quite brutish. The shape is too boxy, and the stripes have a slightly fuzzy and indistinct appearance.  The crisp logo on the waistband looks good, though. 2/10

Overall rating: 4/10

Big enough: No.

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