Wednesday, October 26, 2016

American Eagle AEO Mesh Panel 9" Flex Trunk

American Eagle Outfitters is an American fashion company. Founded in 1977, it is popular among teenagers and young adults, and close to 1,000 dedicated retail outlets exist to sell American Eagle products. Due to its popularity and ease of access, I decided to review one of the company’s underwear items as the first post in my investigation into what the underwear from shopping mall brands had to offer. My reaction on this bizarre item is recorded below. 

Materials and construction: The materials are listed as 88% polyester and 12% elastane (spandex). The Flex Trunk is a perplexing mix of good quality materials and great construction quality with an awful, dysfunctional design. For an item that is ostensibly made for athletics (which boasts of “moisture-wicking”material and “breathable mesh”), this garment is very hot. In fact, it is hotter than most of the thermal underwear I’ve worn. The “mesh panels,” which are a thick material that stretches across the sides and between the legs, does very little to make the boxers breathable, and just give them a vaguely abrasive feel against the legs. The item also isn’t anatomically correct. 2/10 

Comfort and usability: Not only is the Flex Trunk anatomically incorrect, but it also isn’t stretchy enough to compensate. As a result, it just smashes your package against your hips, if not in a different direction. The best quality of the item is that the elastic in the leg holes holds them in place throughout the day, so the Flex Trunk does not ride up at all. 2/10

Aesthetics: The waistband looks sharp and distinct, but the dark green pattern contrasted with black highlights looks blurry and dull. 3/10

Overall rating: 2/10

Big enough? No. 

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