Friday, February 10, 2017

2undr Swingshift Boxers

2undr is a Canadian underwear company that aims to “create a high-performance men’s athletic underwear.” Like companies such as Saxx and MyPakage, they use an internal pouch. While the Swingshift Boxers are an admirable attempt in certain ways, the final product is a deeply flawed one. For anyone thinking about purchasing these boxers, I’d recommend the far superior Saxx items. 

Materials and Construction: The fabric is a modal blend. It has all the stretchiness and comfort one would expect from modal, but the thinness of the fabric gives it the extra advantage of drying a little faster and having a cooler feel. The internal pouch is a sort of horseshoe-shaped sheet of fabric within the crotch (see the photograph above), and you put your package in front of it. It’s not a very stable or natural fit, which I discuss in the next paragraph. The length is good (this is the 6” variety), a nice midpoint between the shorter and longer varieties of boxer briefs (and 2undr has short and long variations of the Swingshift Boxers). The fly is big enough to be usable. As far as quality goes, one thing I did notice is that the stitching on the outside is visibly uneven, which is not something I’d expect to see on a high-end pair of underwear. This item has, however, held up fairly well after getting washed numerous times. 5/10

Comfort and usability: Putting the Swingshift Boxers on requires much more adjustment than one could expect from most underwear. Since there isn’t much depth to the pouch, it doesn’t hold you in place very well, and the somewhat loose fit exacerbates this problem. Sitting down and standing up pulls you out of place much more than standing and walking. 2undr seems to market their products heavily to golfers, and the combination of breathability and reasonable stability during very light exercise probably makes it a decent item for that, but I cannot say that this is a good item for general use. 3/10

Aesthetics: In terms of appearance, there’s nothing particularly offensive or good about this pair of underwear, although the silhouette is a bit shapeless. 4/10  

Overall rating: 4/10

Big enough? It is big enough, but it’s not a particularly good item.

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