Friday, February 24, 2017

Too Tight to Review 7: C-IN2 Super Bright Army Trunk

The “Too Tight To Review” series covers the pairs of underwear I’ve tried on that I couldn’t wear long enough to give a fair review. If I can’t keep a pair on for at least the length of the day, I’ll leave a few brief thoughts rather than a full review.

C-IN2 is “an American apparel company first made famous for it's line of stylish men'sunderwear.They seem to get mentioned frequently when comfortable underwear is discussed, so I decided to give the “Super Bright Army Trunk” a chance. This item does have merits: It seems well constructed, it dries fast, and it breathes well, which makes the fabric appropriate for exercise. The tag is stitched on in a way that makes it remain legible while not becoming uncomfortable. It’s just not big enough, though. The amount of space that the item allots for the genitals is inadequate, and the fabric (96% polyester, 4% spandex) isn’t stretchy enough to compensate.

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