Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Longevity test 1

I switched from wearing loose boxers to higher quality pouch underwear about a year and a half ago. This has given me enough time to observe the actual longevity of these products. The following is some observations on some items of the first few brands from which I purchased. (You can assume that I’ve washed these on a gentle laundry cycle an average of about twice per month since I purchased them, and have air dried them each time [unless otherwise specified]. Of course, more use means more wear.)

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Boxer, purchased November 2015: Andrew Christian is all over the place in terms of quality. While this was a very comfortable item when I first purchased it, it has deteriorated substantially, losing its color (the lime green is turning into a muddy gray), shape, and ability to stay in place well. The waistband is in particularly bad condition. I haven’t worn it much in the past six months, as it’s not very usable at this point.

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Brief, purchased November 2015: Same as above, but to an even greater extent. The waistband looks shredded, and the color scheme makes the deterioration much more noticeable.

Diesel Kory Boxer Briefs, purchased November 2015: This is a cotton blend which has kept its shape well. There is noticeable shrinking, which I attribute to the times in which I carelessly threw this in the dryer with the rest of my clothes. There is some fading of the color, which is not surprising for a black clothing item. Overall, this has held up pretty well, and I’ll probably eventually purchase a replacement pair and be more careful not to put it in the dryer.

Obviously AnatoFREE Brief, purchased December 2015: This one has held up impressively well. The only obvious changed I’ve noticed are a little bit of deterioration on the waistband, which no longer lies perfectly flat (see photograph below). The AnatoFREE Brief fits the same as when I first purchased it. I expect these to last a very long time.

Saxx 24-Seven Boxer Brief, purchased December 2015: This item has become looser and has lost some of its shape over the time I’ve had it. It doesn’t stay in place while I’m wearing it as well as it originally did, and the comfort level has decreased. Still, there are no loose threads or parts coming off, which makes it much higher quality than most underwear products. 

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