Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ergowear EW0119 MAX Light Boxer

Ergowear is a Chilean underwear and swimwear company that utilizes in innovative, unique designs. Like many of the companies I mention in this blog, the company is fairly new (according to their website, they started in 2002). The EW0119 MAX Light Boxer is my first experience with their offerings, and I am quite impressed. If this item is representative of what the company has to offer, then Ergowear deserves to be mentioned alongside brands like Obviously and Andrew Christian as one of the companies that provides the largest and most comfortable pouches, and I’m looking forward to trying more Ergowear products in the future. 

Materials and construction: The materials are listed as 90% viscose and 10% elastan (spandex). This blend works well in the garment: It’s about as stretchy as modal fabrics, but with a softer, rather than a slicker, feel on the skin, and is also less prone to accumulating wrinkles. The term “boxer,” as it applies to this garment, is slightly misleading: The design looks like a pair of trunks from the back, but cuts away significantly towards the front. This does create the problem of the material sliding up in the back, as I mention below, but is in line with Ergowear’s efforts to minimize size while maximizing comfort. There is a pouch present, which is substantially bigger than most. The garment is low rise, which usually isn’t something I like, but the fit works quite well in this case. I’ve washed this pair of underwear a handful of times and have not noticed any major signs of deterioration. 9/10

Comfort and usability: The first thing I noticed I noticed when I tried these on for the first time is that I didn’t need to adjust the pouch at all: When I slid these up my legs and onto my hips, everything fell immediately and comfortably in place without adjustments, which is something that normally doesn’t happen with even the best designs in pouch underwear. The MAX Light Boxer sits closer to the skin than most underwear. The stretchy material makes the pouch big enough and very comfortable, but not particularly supportive, so I would not recommend this item for athletics. Between the thin material and minimalist design, the MAX Light Boxer is very comfortable in warm weather. There is little traction in the leg holes, so the garment does slide up a great deal in the back and a little on the front of the legs, but the pouch stays comfortable while this happens. 8/10

Aesthetics: The ERGO WEAR label, split up into two lines arranged diagonally across the waistband, looks unique and cool. The way the design cuts away in the front looks slick and modern. The looks of Ergowear underwear are as unique as the company’s functional innovations. 8/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Big enough? Yes.

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