Monday, September 12, 2016

Initial Thoughts: Duluth Trading Company Ballroom Jeans

Duluth Trading Company is a clothing company in the United States that produces clothing for outdoor activities. Their line of jeans, the Ballroom Jeans, provide a “Crouch Gusset,” an extra panel of fabric where the two legs meet, which provides extra comfort and flexibility. This is a very practical and comfortable innovation, and any man who has trouble finding comfortable jeans should consider the Ballroom Jeans.

The Ballroom Jeans are designed as workwear, and the construction follows from that goal. The pair I purchased is 100% cotton, unlike many more fashionable pairs of jeans, which incorporate synthetic materials. The first thing I noticed when my pair arrived is that they’re thick: Even when folded on the shelf, they are noticeably thicker than my other pairs of jeans. This thickness gives it a more weight and a bulkier appearance. Thick also means hot, so Ballroom Jeans are not something to wear during the cooler days of late summer. The pockets are deep and secure, but much less flexible than those found on a normal pair of jeans. While sitting down, I often felt like my keys were being pressed into my thighs, so I’d have to rearrange the contents of my pocket to remain comfortable. 

The reason I’m discussing these jeans, of course, is the comfort, and the Ballroom Jeans excel in this consideration. They give much more comfort and room in the crotch than any other pair of jeans I’ve worn. The difference is especially marked while sitting down: In normal jeans, I’d have to frequently pull my jeans towards my knees in order to stop the inseam from sliding up uncomfortably. Not so with the Ballroom Jeans. Relative to the size, the waist is rather tight, while the legs are loose, so it stays in place well while offering lots of flexibility. My biggest complaint with this item is that the cut is very unflattering, but from the perspective of comfort and quality, these jeans are solid.

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