Sunday, July 3, 2016

Obviously Essence AnatoFREE Hipster Trunk

Obviously is an Australian underwear company that makes high quality underwear and undershirts for men. As I’ve stated before, they make some of the best underwear for men looking for larger pouches. I’ve reviewed one of their briefs products before, and I discuss one of their trunks products in this review.
The Essence Collection is a premium collection whose material (90% Micro Modal, 10% Lycra) is the main distinguishing feature from the basics range. The other differences, discussed below, are relatively small from the trunks their other ranges.

Materials and construction: The micro modal/lycra blend is a little thicker than the bamboo rayon/lycra blend found in the Basics Collection. The waistband is better constructed, and seems to keep its shape after multiple washings. There’s very little elastic around the leg holes, which makes them move around uncomfortably, although the position on the waist stayed in place. Unlike the briefs that Obviously makes, the AnatoFREE pouch in the boxer briefs and trunks is attached by a horseshoe-shaped seam that attaches it to the waistband. This provides more support and lift, but also reduces the effective amount of space in the pouch by narrowing it horizontally. People who have no preference between briefs and boxer briefs/trunks and are just looking for the biggest pouch available should choose the briefs. The tagless design is always a bonus. 7/10

Comfort and usability: There is little elastic in the leg holes, so these ride up incessantly. (In this respect, the boxer briefs that Obviously makes are much better than the trunks.) Since the pouch lifts the package up, I had to do some quick adjustment whenever I put these on or pulled them up. The material is especially soft and silky, but can be a bit warm on summer days. It’s stretchy enough for the pouch to be an acceptable size. 5/10

Aesthetics: The Essence Collection is an improvement on their basics collection. The graphite color contrasted well with the black waistband, and the blue logo is very detailed. I think they nailed the understated-but-slick aesthetic they go for. 7/10

Overall rating: 6/10

Big enough? Yes, the stretchiness makes the pouch big enough.

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